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Hentai DVD Review : Immorality
Title :
Description :
Sayoko is a night dweller who thirsts for man. She must prey upon men to survive; in return of a phenomenal orgasm, she devours their soul. A secret cult hears about her cursed blood and now, they are after a sample of her blood! Why is the cult after her blood? What can possibly this blood do? Who or what is Sayoko? Only the night has that answer.
Reviewer : Hentai DVD Review           Rating :
"A new teacher is in town turns out to be a creature that feeds on men, using them for sex before destroying them. Knowing about her cursed blood, a secret society hunts for her blood for the ceremony that is to come. This is a really good hentai anime. I haven't seen Hentai this hardcore before! If you're into threesomes and big ol' bouncing tits, then you can't miss this one. The content here includes big tits/dicks, blowjobs, three-ways, oral, tentacle sex, anal, & supernatural."

Some screenshots from Immorality :

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